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Lubricants, industrial oils, and related . Hydraulic fluids continue to expand their critical role and work multi-functionality within . All BSI British Standards . Parte 4: Familia H (Sistemas hidráulicos). Automotive Engineers) y la ISO (Organización Internacional de. Normalización ):.

The classification of motor oils has not been completed in the ISO standard because. They are used for hydrostatic mechanisms with high exposure to mechanic and thermal factors. The Ultramax range of hydraulic oil fluids is manufactured from highly refined base stocks which possess good oxidation resistance. A full range of fire-resistant and less flammable fluids for special applications.

Fire resistant water – glycol hydraulic fluid. MOGUL H-LPD 3 ISO VG 3 ISO . Clasificación internacional. Especificaciones internacionales.

Particularly suitable for centralized lubrication systems. ISO VG to 1are also well suited to cold heading applications. Partie 4: Famille H (Systèmes hydrauliques). Advanced Fluid Solutions. Recommended applications.

They are fortified with carefully selected additives to further improve performance characteristics including anti-corrosion to protect the system should water be . Detailed information on the use and performance of Visga High VI hydraulic oil. Maziva, průmyslové oleje a . Certificados por NSF como H1 . Full with fluids: HH-HL-HM-HV-HTG. For fluids different than the above mentio- ne please contact our . Tribol 8can also be used under severe conditions with maximum air . VISCOSIDAD ISO INDICE VISCOSIDAD.

En Alemania son habituales los nombres de HL, . ADDINOL HV-SYNTH ist eine synthetische Druckflüssigkeit, die gegenüber konventionellen Hydraulikölen durch eine neu entwickelte Additiv-Technologie . El Grado ISO HM cubre los requerimientos de viscosidad de la mayoría de los sistemas.

Lepkość: ​ISO VG: 3 4 68. A Chevron company product. All trademarks are property owned by Chevron Intellectual Property LLC. More specifically, the International Standards Organization (ISO) further classifies. H — символ семейства гидравлических жидкостей:.

ISO-L-HMOils used in all typesofhydraulic systemsformulated from paraffinic base oilsformulated . The required information is indicated on the gear unit nameplate. Quaker Navapar ISO 1es un aceite para compresores especialmente recomendado para compresores de paletas con altas temperaturas, cilindros de.