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Description, Fix the auto-equip bug for alcohol, medkits, and weapons. Años de colaboración con este cliente.

I know for the PC you had to hold the key to auto equip and if you just wanted to pick it up you just tapped the key. Go to your Arsenal, select your warframe and click upgrade. Then click Actions pictured below. The action button is at the bottom of the . Hold it to auto equip , tap it to just pick it up. You can choose between only having one of the functions or . I like nothing better then punching bad guys in the face over and over.

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Hey Gox, this mod not work. I run the first match, although its just has autoequip. Option to auto equip helmet or not(for bikes)? Entre las especialidades de estos centros están . Very easy modification, which can save both your time and your money.

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So pretty much when you hot key your gps to any slot and use it. It will then auto equip anytime you go into any menu. Getting tired of manually demounting and mounting binocular and camo net equipment? CENTRES AUTO EQUIP SA Ctra.

This mod does this for you.