Arctic silver 5 vs mx4

FJS62HBERF Por lo que he lido la MX – baja la temperatura 2-5ºC más que la AS . Ceramique – Overclocking entradas Is arctic silver really worth that much? Which will be better for my rig. Forum › Overclocking En caché Traducir esta página jun.

I have been using CoolerMaster ThermalFusion 4ever since. Arctic mx-and Arctic Silver 5.

Are the mxand silverany better than the thermalfusion400? CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory En caché Similares Traducir esta página oct. These two seem very competitive thermal solutions. I want to be able to have lower CPU temps both in idle and load.

I guess this is right section to post this thread. Podrias probar la delta plateada. In questo video vediamo il confronto tra due piu popolari paste termiche.

Model, MX, High-Density Polysynthetic Silver.

Yo me estaba tirando por una artic cooling mx- pero como nose mucho. In short, I ran mprime (Linux6Prime9V2build 2) using . I think it is, but would love to know what the consensus is. Also, what is the risk in using too much, versus not enough?

I put more than the rice . Finding the right thermal paste for your system is no easy task. Ou vocês possuem recomendações melhores que elas? Bueno estoy en duda que pasta termica comprar. En realidad veo la marca artic.

Artic Mx ¿como saber cual es . Not getting better than the artic silver , and its harder to apply the correct. Показатели термоэффективности MX – находятся на вершине. Am citit pe internet diferite pareri despre aceste paste termoconductoare. The MX – compound guarantees an extremely high thermal conductivity and is very easy to use with an ideal consistency. Better than Liquid Metal.

Unlike silver and copper compoun it ensures that contact with any electrical pins would not result in. BETTER THAN LIQUID METAL: Composed of carbon micro- particles which lead to an extremely.

ARCTIC MX – Thermal Compound Paste, Carbon Based High Performance, Heatsink Paste,. CPU Water Cooling, High Pressure, 3ΔT (°C ambient). Skillnaden är försvinnande liten och MX – är dessutom lite billigare.

So apparently ASstill beats MX?